Another Successful Launch Your Life Post-Secondary & Career Readiness Program Ran This Fall!



We were so excited to be able to offer a second session of our new Launch Your Life Post-Secondary and Career Readiness program. With the help of Holland College and the use of a flexible schedule, we were able to run the program safely for 13 Charlottetown students this fall.

Over four weeks, our group of 14 to 17 year old students met on Monday evenings and on 3 PD Days.  The students had the chance to learn and explore subjects through talks & activities that allowed them to apply what they were learning using practical experiences from their own lives.

Our instructors and special guests helped the participants explore subject like:

  • Being Successful in School
  • Mental Health & Self Care
  • Perseverance, Grit & Staying Motivated
  • Staying Successful During Covid
  • Transitions to Post-Secondary Education
  • Overcoming Setbacks
  • Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
  • SMART Goal Setting for Success in Life

Throughout the four weeks, our students explored where they saw themselves in 5 years and how to plan to get there.  They discussed practical things like study techniques, how to talk to teachers, managing test anxiety, and how to deal with a bad day.

For this session, we added content that focused on maintaining mental health during Covid-19 like dealing with another lockdown, the importance of maintaining a schedule, the effects of too much screen time, and using fun, basic activities to cope with stress.

Since people learn in different ways, our instructors used a variety of ways of sharing information which included talks, interactive sessions, and activity breaks.  They also encouraged students to share their own coping strategies and implemented them into the sessions.

We are grateful to have had such a positive experience during a stressful time.  Our students were so focused on their future, they were willing to give up 3 PD Days for the program.  It is always so energizing for us to spend time with such wonderful young people!

We would like to thank everyone who made the success of the program possible including:

Speakers & Guests

Dr. Sandy MacDonald  – President, Holland College

Doug Currie – Vice President, Holland College

Myron Yates – Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince Edward Island


Tracy Lynn Ellsworth – Big Brother Big Sisters of Prince Edward Island

Annika Wiebe – Volunteer


-RBC Foundation: Program Funding

-Holland College: Space for Program

-Atlantic Superstore Charlottetown: Snacks for program breaks

-Staples : Materials

-Starbucks : Hot Chocolate & Cookies for our last session celebration

-T3 Transit: Transportation for program participants

-VanKampens  Greenhouses: Plants for the Self Care Session