Maureen Cassivi winner of the 2021 Dream Cottage sitting at the table
Dream Cottage Ticket Security Procedures
  • When tickets arrive from the printer, they are audited to ensure that they are all there and that books of three and five are complete.
  • Tickets are stored in a fire-proof, locked cabinet.
  • Tickets are logged out of the Ticket Log Book when they go to the Dream Cottage .
  • At the Dream Cottage, sold tickets are placed into the cash box which is kept out of site for safety reasons.
  • At end of the day, all tickets are checked against the Daily Ticket Sales Sheet to ensure they are all accounted for
  • Tickets and paperwork are returned to the fire-proof, locked cabinet at the end of the day.
  • The next morning (or Monday for weekend ticket sales), we check the ticket numbers against the Daily Ticket Sales Sheet again to ensure they are all there.
  • Tickets are signed back into the Ticket Log Book, showing that they are sold.
  • Tickets are entered into our database and returned to the fire-proof, locked cabinet.
  • All mail, phone and website order form sales are logged on Daily Ticket Sales Sheet at the office or at the Dream Cottage and go through the same ticket security procedures.
  • Before each Early Bird draw, all tickets sold since the last draw are audited and the tags are put into the Early Bird drum.
  • We do a final ticket audit of all tickets before the final draw.
  • Tickets are taken to the Dream Cottage on draw day. Once we have done a final check to ensure that all tickets are accounted for, they are put into the ticket drum one at a time.
Rules and Regulations
  • Purchaser must be 19 years of age or older.
  • At Big Brothers Big Sisters we respect your privacy. We do not sell, rent or trade our mailing lists.  The personal information collected will be used to process ticket orders and to contact you for future Dream Cottage draws. The names and cities of winners will be published on the website, Social Media, MBS Radio Stations and in the Guardian newspaper.
  • Each ticket is eligible for all prizes except where they may be late for the current Early Bird draws.
  • Ticket stub(s) will not be included in any draw until the funds are in the Agency’s bank account.
  • The Dream Cottage winner will have the choice of the Furnished Dream Cottage (including appliances) or the Cash Option of $100,000.
  • Ticket entitles winner to have the Dream Cottage moved anywhere on PEI before October 31st.  Should there be a delay in moving the cottage, the Winner will be responsible for costs incurred, if any, from the delay.
  • Winner’s cottage site must be accessible and appropriate. The winner agrees to pay any and all costs incurred as a result of the winner’s site not being easily accessible or appropriate for relocation.
  • Should the winner sell the cottage the purchaser’s cottage site must be reasonably accessible and appropriate. The purchaser agrees to pay any and all costs incurred as a result of the Purchaser’s site not being easily accessible or not appropriate for relocation.
  • The Dream Cottage may be put on concrete blocks, sauna tubes or a foundation.  If a crane is required to place the cottage on sauna tubes or a foundation, the additional cost will be the responsibility of the winner or in the case of a sale, the purchaser.
  • Should the winner decide to take the Cash Option in lieu of the Furnished Cottage, they will have 7 days to accept, in writing, a $100,000 cash prize payable within 7 days.
  • The Dream Cottage must be removed from the Royalty Crossing parking lot by October 31st
  • Prizes are not transferable and must be accepted as awarded.
  • All prize values stated are approximate. Prizes awarded may not be exactly as illustrated.
  • Draw date for the Dream Cottage may be moved up if all tickets are sold prior to the final draw date.
  • Members of the Board of Directors and paid staff of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Prince Edward Island, their spouses and any dependent children living at home are excluded from the draw.
  • After each Early Bird draw, the winner’s name is recorded and their ticket will be returned to the Early Bird drum to be eligible for all subsequent draws.
  • Early bird draws include tickets sold up to an including June 15, July 6, July 27 and August 17
  • In the event the winning ticket has more than one name Big Brothers Big Sisters of PEI will award the prize to individuals noted on the ticket.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters can only speak to the person or persons named on the ticket.
  • As stated in the PEI lottery Licensing rules … if the prize remains unclaimed for six months after a draw, another draw shall be made. If after ninety days the prize is still unclaimed the value of the outstanding prize shall be included in the proceeds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of PEI.
Dream Cottage Draw Procedures include:
  1. The draw will be held at the cottage and will be open to the public
  2. Any member of the public can witness the draw
  3. One member of the board of directors will be present
  4. Two paid staff from Big Brothers Big Sisters of PEI will be present
  5. Campaign sponsors will be invited to the draw
  6. Radio will be invited to attend and will be asked to announce the winner of the draw on air
  7. Print sponsors will be asked to take a photo to print in newspaper
  8. A non-ticket owning member of the City of Charlottetown Police department will be invited to make the draw and should be wearing a short-sleeved shirt.  If not possible, the chair of the board will make the draw
  9. Big Brothers Big Sisters of PEI will videotape the draw

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I get tickets?

In late April, the brochures will be mailed out and we will begin selling tickets by mail, phone (1-877-411-DRAW or 368-7758), by web order form and at the office at 2 St Peters Rd.  After we open the Dream Cottage (when it has arrived and construction is completed), tickets can be purchased at the Dream Cottage (located in the Royalty Crossing parking lot, across from Canadian Tire)


Q. When is the Dream Cottage open?

M-F: 10 am – 6 pm

Sat : 10 am – 6 pm

Sun: 12 pm – 6 pm


Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Visa, & Mastercard


Q. When is the Dream Cottage Draw?

September 9th (unless we sell out early)


Q. Where does the cottage come from?

The Dream Cottage is a Prestige Home that was manufactured in Sussex. It was purchased through PEI Home and RV Centre.


Q. How big is the cottage?

It is 1024 square feet (16 ft by 64 ft)


Q. Is the cottage winterized?

Yes, the cottage is insulated (R20 in the walls and floors and R40 in the ceiling). There are thermostat-controlled electric baseboard heaters in each room.


Q. How much is the cottage worth?

Approximately $190,000


Q. Where does the furniture come from?

All furniture and appliances come from Hambly’s BrandSource Home Furnishing.


Q. What appliances come with the Dream Cottage

In the kitchen, there is a GE stainless steel fridge, stove, dishwasher, and microwave and in the laundry closed, there is a GE washer and dryer.


Q. How can I win the $100,000?

Every ticket gives the winner the choice of the Furnished Dream Cottage (including appliances) or the $100,000 Cash Option.  The winner will have a week (7 days) to decide whether to take the Dream Cottage or the Cash Option.


Q. Will you move the cottage?

Yes, we will move it to anywhere on PEI, but some conditions apply – please check the rules above for more information.


Q. What happens if the winner takes the money?

We will sell the cottage. Within 8 days of the draw, we will run ads which include a minimum bid and deadline to make your bid. We open all of the bids at once (at and the person who has the highest bid will get the furnished cottage which will be moved and set up on their property as part of the sale.  Please note:  if you are making a bid, you must check for any covenants on your property that would prevent you from putting the Dream Cottage on your site.  If you would like to put your name on a list to be contacted if we are selling the cottage, please contact Heather at


Q. If I win the cottage, can I sell it?

Yes, but it would be risky (which is why we offer a cash option). The cottage still has to be off the lot by October 31st. The winner will not be able to get insurance, which means we will have to retain insurance. In practical terms, that means that a staff member will have to open the cottage every time you want to show it.


Q. Are there any other prizes?

Yes, there are 4 Early Bird prize periods which include $7,500 (June), Summer Fun Prizes including an amazing Camping Prize Package from Canadian Tire Charlottetown  (early July) Cottage Living Prizes including a $2500 Gift Card to the business of your choice sponsored by Desjardin Financial Security Independent Network (late July) and a WestJet Gift-of-Flight Voucher (August).


Q. If I buy a book of 3 or a book of 5, can I put more than one name on the tickets?

Yes, you may put different names on each ticket. Please be advised that ticket buyers must be at least 19 years of age.


Q. Can I put the tickets in a business name?

We would caution against doing this as the business would be the legal winner of the Dream Cottage.


Q. Do I have to put a proper name on my ticket?

Yes, because we need to be able to legally determine who has won the prize


Q. Can I put more than one name on a ticket?

Yes, as long as everyone is at least 19 years old. Something to keep in mind – We can only talk to the winners listed on the ticket, so a couple might want to put both names on their ticket.


Q. If I buy tickets, can I get a tax receipt?

No, we are not allowed to issue tax receipts for Dream Cottage tickets.


Q. If I win an Early Bird Draw, am I still eligible for other prizes?

Yes, if you win an Early Bird prize, we will put your ticket back in for all of the remaining draws.


Q. Why don’t you sell tickets on-line?

Provincial law does not allow us to sell tickets on-line but you can fill out an order form and we will contact you by phone to complete the sale.


Q. How many tickets are there?



Q. Does the alarm system come with the cottage?

The hardware for the alarm will remain in the cottage, but the Winner will need to contact Wilson Security to have it reconnected.


Q. What is that thing in the laundry closet?

It’s an air exchange unit.


Q. What kind of flooring is in the cottage?

It is vinyl flooring.


Q. Where would you put stairs for a basement?

In this cottage, you would need to build a “bump” out to accommodate stairs.


Q. Do the stairs come with the cottage