We are so excited to be relaunching a newsletter – The Big Update!  It currently comes in three editions. Want to see your support in action? Check out The Supporter Edition for updates on our programs, a look behind the scenes, and for information about the impact of mentoring. The Support Edition will become an e-newsletter but it is currently only available as a pdf.  When we are ready to go live with an email edition, a sign up link will be available on this page.

The Mentor Edition of the Big Update is just for our Bigs and In-School Mentors. It is filled with mentoring tips and activity ideas, information about events, and other things you need to know!  Your mentoring coordinator (Lorna and Jessica) will be e-mailing new editions to you as soon as they are hot of the presses!

Parents and Guardians can now received their own version of the Big Update.  Lisa, who is a retired teacher, is putting together a monthly collection of activity ideas, helpful hints, insights into BBBS Developmental relationships and BBBS news designed just for you.  Your mentoring coordinator (Lorna, Jessica and Gina) will be emailing it out each month, but if you haven’t received your copy, connect with them to ensure you are on the list.

The Latest Edition of The Big Update, Supporter Edition

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What kind of content would you like to see in our monthly newsletter? If you have any suggestions or requests for the next edition, contact us at info@bbbspei.ca.