Join us on a journey of heart-warming, inspirational & surprising discussions about the power of mentoring.

It just takes one! We asked 27 PEI leaders four questions about the importance of mentoring. We heard so many different perspectives, but the one thing that shines through, is what a difference a mentor makes!

It Just Takes One: The Four Mentoring Questions

Who were your mentors & how have they helped you?

Why does having a mentor matter?

What does mentoring mean to you?

Are you currently mentoring anyone?


Watch videos from:

Chijioke Amadi

Sarah Bennetto O’Brien

Chief Darlene Bernard

Peter Bevan-Baker

Patricia Bourque

Billy Bridges

Jeannie Cameron

Julia Campbell

Tim Chaisson

Charlottetown Islanders

Mitch Cobb

Chef Ilona Daniel

Darcy Gallant

Sonny Gallant

Jim Hulton

Premier Dennis King

Ed MacAulay

Lori MacGregor

Adam McQuaid

The Ocean 100 Morning Show Crew

Julie Pellissier-Lush

The Honourable Antoinette Perry

Chris Pride

Adam Ramsay

Chef Michael Smith

David Stewart

UPEI Women’s Hockey Team

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