This year, we celebrated Big Brothers Big Sisters Month with a month-long video series. The videos were so wonderful, we have gathered them on one page so that we can continue to enjoy them now that BBBS Month is over. Join us on a journey of heart-warming, inspirational & surprising discussions about the power of mentoring.

We asked 27 PEI leaders & influencers 4 questions – tell us about one of your mentors & how they helped you, why does having a mentor matter, what does mentoring mean to you & are you currently mentoring anyone.

We heard so many different perspectives but the one thing that shines through, is what a difference a mentor makes. Find your reason to become a mentor and then sign up using our online form.  You could help a child thrive, despite the challenges they face.  Become a mentor and the experience is bound to shape you and reward you in Big and valuable ways.  Volunteer today!!

Chijioke Amadi

Chijioke Amadi is the President of the Black Cultural Society of PEI, owner of Wheelie Bin Doctors, founder of International Wisdom Truth Failure, host of “My Voice” on Eastlink (Wednesdays at 8:30) and Assistant Coach to the UPEI Men’s Soccer team… just to name a few of the things he’s involved in.

As a man with a lot of roles – community builder, entrepreneur, activist, athlete, fundraiser and coach, Chijioke knows that one way or another you need a support system to succeed. Chijioke has a saying “we all get to somewhere with the help and support of others.” Find out why he thinks if you have dreams and goals, you need a mentor – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Chijioke Amadi believes having a mentor gives you an edge

Sarah Bennetto O’Brien

Sarah Bennetto O’Brien, the CEO and Founder of The Handpie Company has been very vocal about the importance of supporting local in all aspects of her company, from the ingredients she uses in her handpies to supporting her staff in the small rural town of Albany.

Sarah has had phenomenal mentors that helped her super scale her business through the Food Island Partnership Programs. Find out why Sarah is so passionate about the value mentors bring to our lives – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Sarah Bennetto O’Brien’s mentors helped her grow The Handpie Company

Chef Darlene Bernard

As a strong leader who is committed to increasing educational opportunities, Chief Darlene Bernard loves to see the effect mentoring has on the people around her. Chief Bernard feels the role of a mentor is to make the road a little less rough – not to protect from all of that roughness but to help smooth the way a little.

Find out what happened when a 10 year old Artisan asked Chief Bernard to be her mentor – Watch: It Just Takes One: Chief Darlene Bernard is giving a 10-year old Artisan confidence

Darlene has had different mentors at various stages in her life but there was one mentor that really stands out for her – the late Chief Jack Sark. Watch: It Just Takes One: How Chief Darlene Bernard’s mentor helped her find her voice

Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Official Opposition

As the leader of the Official Opposition & the PEI Green Party, an active member of his community, musician, dentist, soccer coach and author, Mr. Bevan-Baker has learned that mentors create an environment for people to blossom. We want to thank Mr. Bevan-Baker for making time to sit down with us for an inspiring conversation about mentoring.

Mr. Bevan-Baker feels that with a mentor, you can understand your place in the world and continually strive to improve yourself. Find out who his first mentors were and how they inspired him to live his best life – Watch: It Just Takes One: Find out how Peter Bevan-Baker’s mentors taught him to be his best self

Patricia Bourque

Patricia Bourque is an award-winning Mi’kmaw visual artist, whose work includes Mi’kmaq traditional culture, portrait, nature, live performance photography and Island life photography.

Find out what one of her mentors said to her that resonates to this day about the power of having one adult person who is there for you, who makes you feel like you matter – Watch: It Just Takes One: What Patricia Bourque’s mentor said that has stayed with her

Whether Patricia and her Uncle John were watching cartoons together or he was teaching her to drive a standard….on ice, he meant the world to her. Every child deserves an Uncle John in their life, find out why – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Patricia Bourque’s Uncle John was the best Uncle John

Patricia says everyone has their own journey, your learnings are unique to yourself but it’s very important to share those teachings with others – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Patricia Bourque thinks its important to share what you’ve learned

Billy Bridges

We’re so excited to kick off our Big Brothers Big Sisters month video series with Billy Bridges! He’s one of Canada’s most successful athletes – he joined Team Canada at 14 and has played Para Hockey for 23 years, going to 5 Olympic games (training for his 6th) and he’s a gold medalist and 4 time World Champion.

Find out how a trip to go skateboarding and a chance meeting with Colleen led to a life in hockey – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Billy Bridges discovered sledge hockey

Billy knows no matter how successful you are, there is always room in your life for a new mentor. Find out what he learned from his wife Sami – Watch: It Just Takes One: Billy Bridges finds there’s more to learn, even after winning gold

Just as his mentor Colleen introduced him to the power of sports, Billy loves working with kids and anyone with a disability. He has a very powerful message about the power of sport to enrich lives – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Billy Bridges enriches lives through sport

Billy jokes that he’s been on Team Canada longer than some of his teammates have been alive but through mentoring he gains fresh ideas and energy from his younger teammates. Find out why Billy thinks it’s important to become a mentor – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Billy Bridges loves being a mentor

Jeannie Cameron

Jeannie Cameron is a musician who toured Ontario for over a decade before moving back to the Island in the early 2000s. In 2019, she opened her dream venue for live music – The Red Dirt Girl Music Room.

It’s easy to see why her nickname is “Momma J” with the young artists who play at The Red Dirt Girl Music Room. From great advice, to the lessons she was taught by her own mentor, you’re sure to learn a thing or two from Jeannie Cameron – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Jeannie Cameron doesn’t think mentoring is always obvious

Julia Campbell

We’re so excited to be talking to Julia Campbell, co-owner of JEMS Boutique and Operations Manager of the North Shore Group about mentoring. She is also a world traveler, community supporter, business community leader and a member of the Premier’s Council for Recovery and Growth.

Julia believes everyone has the right to feel confident. During difficult times, she has drawn on the confidence of her mentors to get inspired, to feel more confident herself, which gives her the boost she needs to do things outside her comfort zone. Find out how she thinks mentors help you reach your goals – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Mentors helped Julia Campbell get to the next level

Tim Chaisson

We are so excited to talk with Tim Chaisson, singer, songwriter, fiddler & member of the Juno award winning trio, The East Pointers! The group has played over 450 shows in 8 countries, they’ve been nominated for (and won) may Canadian Folk Music Award, and they produced “Annedemic” on Facebook live with Tim, The East Pointers and special guests reading chapters of Anne of Green Gables during lockdown.

Tim has taken many younger musicians under his wing in various different settings, but when it came to his own mentors, he didn’t have to go far to find them. Find out who Tim’s mentors were and how they helped him on his life journey – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Tim Chaisson is so grateful for his mentors

Charlottetown Islanders

With the Charlottetown Islanders season opener coming up next Saturday, we’re delighted to chat with Xavier Simoneau, Ben Boyd and Lukas Cormier. The three players have all been drafted by NHL teams – Xavier was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens, Ben by Columbus Blue Jackets and Lukas by the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

These three players have each had amazing mentors through their careers, but they also haven’t been afraid to step up and be a mentor to younger players too, which is a perfect example of how mentorship can take on different roles in someone’s life. Find out who their mentors are – Watch: It Just Takes One: How these Charlottetown Islanders’ mentors helped them get to the next level

Mitch Cobb

Mitch Cobb is the co-founder and CEO of Upstreet Craft Brewing. In addition to being a leader in the business community, he also has a passion for community and believes in the importance of mentoring.

Mitch credits his success to the mentors who have helped him, but it’s his father-in-law who has really impacted him the most. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times, so Mitch says that it’s important to have someone who understands what you are going through, who can give you support and advice. Find out how his mentoring has impacted his career – Watch: It Just Takes One: Mitch Cobb knows first hand the importance of mentoring

Chef Ilona Daniel

Chef Ilona is currently the Executive Chef at Holland College Culinary Institute. She is also a food writer, instructor, leader of community initiatives, PEI Food Ambassador and an influencer in the PEI food scene. We want to congratulate Chef Ilona for on receiving her Masters of Education from UPEI this month!

Chef Ilona knows the importance in having someone who believes in you, who understands the journey because they walked it. Find out how her mentor helped her navigate and grow – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Chef Ilona Daniel’s Mentor helped her find her place

Building on her message of growth, we find out Chef Ilona Daniel believes there are three things mentors really can help us with. One in particular has helped her in the past and one she tries to pass onto her students as a chef instructor – Watch: It Just Takes One: What Chef Ilona Daniel believes are three important aspects to mentoring

Darcy Gallant

As a community leader, real estate agent and minor hockey coach, Darcy Gallant has the opportunity to be a mentor every day, but he also recognizes the contributions his mentors have made to his success.

Darcy knows that everyone is awesome at something, find out how he thinks you can emulate the people around you to strive to be your best – Watch: It Just Takes One: Darcy Gallant knows that everyone is awesome at something

Sonny Gallant, Interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island

Sonny Gallant is the Interim leader of the Liberal Party of PEI. He has been representing District 24 Evangeline-Miscouche since 2007.  We want to thank Mr. Gallant for making time for an insightful discussion on his mentors and the value of mentoring to our community.

Since Mr. Gallant has had a number of important mentors in his life, he understands how mentors can propel us forward. Find out why Mr. Gallant believes mentorship is an important part of our social fabric – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Sonny Gallant thinks mentors can help us get over our fear of failure

Jim Hulton

Jim Hulton started his coaching career in 1994  and has been both an assistant and head coach for teams in the OJHL and OHL, before landing an assistant coaching job in the NHL with the Florida Panthers in 2008. He has been head coach of the Charlottetown Islanders since 2015 as well as General Manager since 2016.

With over 27 years of experience as a coach, Jim knows that mentoring is an important part of coaching young hockey players. Find out about the important mentors he’s had in his life and what he thinks some of the best mentors do to help their mentees succeed – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Jim Hulton believes mentoring youth is so important

Premier Dennis King

Before he was premier, Premier Dennis King worked as a journalist and a director of communications, published 2 books and was part of the Four Tellers. Premier King for took time out of his busy schedule to talk about how mentors help you be the best person you can be.

Premier King has very insightful things to say about what mentoring means to him and why he thinks having a mentor is critical to success. Find out how a teacher’s encouragement gave him the confidence to try new things like writing – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Premier Dennis King’s grade 8 teacher gave him confidence to try new things

Ed MacAulay, Mayor of the Town of Three Rivers

Before he was the first Mayor of Three Rivers, Ed MacAulay was a social worker and social work supervisor. He encourages mentees to absorb the encouragement, skills development and support provided by mentors for future career and goal development.

Ed’s early mentors taught him about inequality and how it affect people, as well as how to engage people with common goals to work together. Watch – It Just Takes One: How Ed MacAulay’s mentors showed him how to make his community a better place

Lori MacGregor

Lori MacGregor is the Executive Director of the Eastern PEI Chamber of Commerce. She’s been the ED since 2018 and has been instrumental in showcasing the various businesses and opportunities that Eastern PEI has to offer.

Lori admitted that she didn’t really realize the importance of mentorship until she started her role with the Chamber. She says for people living in rural areas it is especially important to have someone to be there for you, to help push you in the right direction – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Lori MacGregor believes mentoring is important in rural communities.

Adam McQuaid

Although Adam McQuaid has retired from playing in the NHL, he recently signed on to a mentorship role with his former team the Boston Bruins as the Player Development Coordinator. Since he has quietly been supporting the hockey dreams of young Islanders for years, his new role seems tailor made.

Even Stanley Cup winning hockey players need support from time to time and Adam really understands the importance of mentorship. Find out how he thinks you could be someone to lean on – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Adam McQuaid believes we can all be mentors

The Ocean 100 Morning Show Crew

Waking you up since 2006, Kirk, Kerri Wynne and Scott keep mornings lively on Ocean 100. The Morning Crew has been an integral part of our community – whether they’re putting a smile on our faces through their witty banter, or helping bring awareness to various community organizations for everything from fundraisers to black tie events.

Mentoring is important in the Ocean 100 Morning Crew’s personal lives, as well as their professional ones. Kirk, Kerry Wynne & Scott share how their mentors have helped them – Watch: It Just Takes One: The Ocean 100 Morning Crew share fond memories of their mentors

Julie Pellissier-Lush, PEI Poet Laureate

In addition to being PEI’s Poet Laureate, Julie Pellissier-Lush is also an author, actor, storyteller and award winner. She is a Community Consultant with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI, Coordinator of the Mawi’omi Indigenous Student Centre at UPEI, and the driving force behind Mi’kmaq Legends and the Mi’kmaq Heritage Actors.

Julie sees a beautiful connection between how Grass Dancers originally made a new place safe for their community and how mentors allow youth to flourish in a safe way – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Julie Pellissier-Lush thinks Mentors are like Grass Dancers

Julie has two great mentoring stories to tell….while also demonstrating the art of storytelling. She recently mentored a young poet and cheered her on as she held her first public poetry reading – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Julie Pellissier-Lush helped a 17 year old poet find her voice

For her third video, Julie shares two beautiful stories about the mentors that have helped shape who she is today. Find out how how their mentorship helped guide her to spread her wings and fly – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Julie Pellisier-Lush’s mentors helped her realize her dreams

The Honourable Antoinette Perry, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island

In addition to being the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island, the Honourable Antoinette Perry is also the recipient of the Order of PEI. She was a teacher for 32 years, an organist & choir director, a supporter of many cultural and historical projects, a composer and she is a proud Acadian.

The Honourable Antoinette Perry has had many mentors who have helped her along her path, but her mother was her first and most important one. Find out how her mentors have helped her become the woman she is today – Watch: It Just Takes One: How mentors have guided The Honourable Antoinette Perry on her path

Ms. Perry has some wisdom to share about how a mentor can help you get beyond any roadblock that life may throw at you. Find out what the Hon. Ms. Perry thinks is the one thing every mentoring relationship needs to succeed – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why the Hon. Antoinette Perry says this quality is the key to good mentoring

When asked if she is currently mentoring anyone, she was very honest with her answer – “Not really, but yes I am!”, which, has been a common theme we’ve seen in our videos this month. Ms. Perry has a very beautiful mentoring motto that she finds herself using in her daily life to help move people along their paths, find out what it is – Watch: It Just Takes One: Why Antoinette Perry often finds herself in a mentoring role

Chris Pride

Chris Pride is the former host of Pride in the Morning on CFCY and is currently the host & content creator of Maritime Centre Stage which airs weekends on CFCY, FX101.9 in Halifax and CJCB in Cape Breton. Chris has been nominated for three ECMA awards for his work, including two nominations this year. He is also an emergency medical dispatcher with Medicom Atlantic.

Find out why he thinks seeing a young person take the things you taught them and put their own spin on it is the best feeling in the world – Watch: It Just Takes One – Why Chris Pride feels mentoring is so rewarding

Adam Ramsay

Adam Ramsay is the current host of the CFCY Morning Show. In addition to getting your day started, Adam also hosts a rock request show on Q93 FM and does Radio Remotes for both stations all over PEI. He is also a voice over artist, freelance marketer, Relationship Manager for the IWK, and a huge supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Adam has such a fresh perspective on mentoring – that it’s not always about what you want to accomplish but who you want to be and how you get there. Find out how he thinks the right mentor can help you move forward with character and empathy.  Watch: It Just Takes One: What Adam Ramsay looks for in a mentor

Chef Michael Smith

Chef Michael Smith is one of Canada’s best known chefs – he is also a cookbook author, Food Network host, Innkeeper, food ambassador, Order of Canada recipient, sustainability advocate, educator, nutritional activist and supporter of his community.

In this really insightful discussion about the power of mentoring, Chef Michael talks about his mentor, what having an apprentice in the kitchen brings to his team and what makes mentoring a two-way street. We were so excited to have the chance to talk to Chef Michael before Fall Flavours starts later this week -Watch: It Just Takes One: What Chef Michael Smith thinks the role of mentoring is in cooking and in life

David Stewart

Dave Stewart is a man of many talents – he’s the creator of an influential six-part online interview series about the history of the LGBT community on PEI, a copywriter, director of Pride PEI, author and cartoonist just to name a few things…but when it comes to his successful career he’s says he has one person to thank for that – his mentor.

Dave says “Mentoring is everything, without it we’re all just going around in the dark, fumbling around trying to make something happen without the tools we need for that”. With Dave Stewart, it literally just took one, find out how his mentor helped ignite his potential – Watch: It Just Takes One: Dave Stewart wonders where he would be without his mentor

UPEI Women’s Hockey Team

We were thrilled to chat about mentoring with Assistant Captains Ally Clements & Taylor Gillis of the UPEI Women’s Panthers hockey team! Both women are senior players on the team.

In their time playing hockey, they’ve been surrounded with mentors who have given them the tools and encouragement they needed to elevate their game to the next level. Find out how they’re using that inspiration to become mentors to their younger teammates – Watch: It Just Takes One: How Ally & Taylor are paying it forward