Allyssa (Big) & MacKenzie (Little)

Everybody needs somebody and Allyssa was happy to be that somebody for MacKenzie. They love spending time together, especially when they bake. But it’s not about the cookies, cakes and muffins, it’s about what the relationship has meant to both of them, especially the happiness and confidence Alyssa sees in MacKenzie.  

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Edmond (Little) & Paul-Étienne (Big)

The presence of a mentor helps to widen the spectrum of what’s possible in a child’s life. Edmond’s mom noticed a huge difference when her son began to spend more time with his Big Brother, Etienne. Even the little things, like Edmond having the confidence to express himself and make more jokes than he did […]

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James (big) & Lucas (little)

Imagine the challenges in raising two young children at 67 and 65 years. That’s why Lucas’ grandparents encouraged him to join Big Brothers Big Sisters. Since Lucas has had a big brother, it has changed his life for the positive. James is not only a big brother to Lucas, he’s also his best friend. Lucas […]

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Charlene (big) & Jade (little)

When she was in her late 20’s, Charlene realized that there was something missing in her life and she wanted to give back. Growing up she had a big sister of her own, so volunteering herself was an easy decision. Together for over 9 years, Charlene did not give up on Jade and pushed her [...] Read more

Domenic (Big) & Jaden (Little)

Jaden was known to have a bit of a temper issue when he was young, but because of his Big Brother, Domenic, he’s learning how to be respectful towards others. Becoming a mentor permits someone to give back, but it’s also about having fun! Five years together flew by because Domenic and Jaden had so [...] Read more
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