Literacy Building Initiative

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, the Bookmark made donations to a number of Island charities, including BBBSPEI. We are using their generous donation to strengthen our Literacy Building Initiative. Each year, we try to send each “Little” home from the Christmas party with at least ten books. Giving children & youth books helps them develop a love of reading and learning, and it helps their families to build up that very important literacy library. This donation will help provide our “Littles” with books for years to come.


In late December, we strengthened our Literacy Building Initiative with the newly launched BBBS Reads Aloud Program. “Littles” can participate in a virtual read aloud with Lisa, who is a newly retired teacher and our Special Events & Projects person. Littles, their Bigs and their families can join a virtual meeting and enjoy an interactive read aloud experience. The whole point is to simply enjoy the reading experience, stress free. With the help of the knowledgeable staff at Bookmark, Lisa chose the first 2 books.  She held the first BBBS Reads Aloud on Tuesday, January 27th. The first book was Can you Survive? and several Big/Little matches worked together to survive the sinking of the Titanic.


According to The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance “Books help kids develop basic language skills and profoundly expand their vocabularies—much more than any other media. Books are interactive; they demand that kids think.” To read the whole article, head to:


“Put simply, because books are full of words! Research has demonstrated that a well-developed vocabulary has been linked to better school performance. Reading aloud is great for vocabulary development”. For the rest of the article & a list of 50 books you can read to the little ones in your life, head to:

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