Join our team! We’re looking for a Communications & Development Manager



Are you looking for a career opportunity that will allow you to make a difference? Join our team as the Communications and Development Manager and help ignite the power and potential of young people across PEI!  You could be part of a great team who are focused on helping youth reach their full potential.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to Myron Yates at by September 1st




Reporting to the Executive Director who is responsible for all fund development projects and agency communications.

Accountability:  The Communications and Development Manager supervises the Projects and Events Coordinator, BFKS Assistant(s) and Summer Students.


  • Create a yearly Development Plan which meets agency budgetary goals.
  • Plan and implement fundraising campaigns including Bowl for Kids Sake and Dream Cottage.
  • Provide support and leadership to fundraising teams during campaigns.
  • Produce campaign materials including advertising, team material, websites, social media content, etc.
  • Create Sponsorship proposals, Grant Application material, and Donor Recognition pieces as needed.
  • Identify and develop other sources of revenue streams including sponsorships, grants, bequests, and other development opportunities.
  • Oversee other development opportunities including Matchmakers, Memorials, Third Party Fundraisers, Giving Tuesday, Planned Giving etc.
  • Regularly assess fundraising campaigns to streamline processes and innovate to keep campaigns fresh.
  • Ensure that necessary letters, bills, tax receipts, etc. are sent to campaign participants promptly.
  • Maintain accurate records on all campaigns, including written campaign evaluations.
  • Create Donor Engage data entry policies and ensure the database is properly maintained.
  • Maintain our Canada Helps Giving Platform.
  • Lead a Capital Campaign to fund planned facilities expansion.


  • Develop an annual recruitment campaign in consultation with staff and other stakeholders.
  • Create recruiting collateral including flyers, brochures, posters, etc.
  • Communicate the agency’s need for volunteers through advertising, social media, etc.
  • Develop partnerships with external sources to assist in reaching recruitment goals.
  • Look for new ways to reach potential volunteers.
  • Recruit, train and supervise volunteers when extra help is needed in relation to fund development and office related activities.
  • Review and evaluate volunteer recruitment and retention.


  • Promote the mission and needs of the agency.
  • Ensures consistency and brand compliance in all agency communications.
  • Create a yearly Communications Plan that includes Fundraising & Development, Volunteer recruitment, Donor and Volunteer Recognitions, and Strategic needs.
  • Maintain our website and develop new stories and posts as needed.
  • Develop and strengthen our social media presence which includes Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Search for and create social media content related to bullying, academic success, volunteerism, and activities for kids, and other areas which complement BBBS expertise.
  • Regularly assess communication strategies (internal and external) and adjust as needed.
  • Help incorporate EDI Framework into our communications and our work.
  • Create new communication tools like e-newsletters and testimonial videos.
  • Maintain relationships with local media.
  • Produce press releases, e-newsletter and social media content centered on Agency events, human interest stories, accomplishments, areas of expertise, etc.
  • Ensure volunteers, participants, sponsors, etc., are thanked promptly and when appropriate acknowledged in the media and/or at the annual general meeting.


  • Provide strategic planning input.
  • Maintain relationships with sponsors, supporters, volunteers, children & their families, National, ASA, and the Community Sector Network.
  • Monitor Best Practices and amend procedures and processes as needed.
  • Look for new opportunities like Giving Tuesday, which provide the agency with fundraising and/or public relations opportunities.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education:   College Diploma or Certificate in Business, Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Sales.

Professional:  Minimum of two years of fund raising and/or at least two years Communications and Marketing experience.

Skills required:

-Strong sales skills
-Strong phone skills
-Strong customer relations skills
-Ability to interact with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds
-Strong problem solving skills
-Effective participation in team meetings
-Represent the Agency in the community in a professional manner
-Strong organizational skills
-Ability to work independently and as part of a team
-Sound computer skills to manage Canada Helps Database, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Website management, email, CRM, Canva
-Effective oral, written, and electronic communication skills
-Ability to work flexible hours


Approachability –

Is easy to approach and talk to; is warm, welcoming, pleasant, and polite; builds rapport well; comfortable with people.

Customer Service Orientation –

Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of agency stakeholders and others in the community; gets first-hand information and uses it for improvements in fund development; establishes and maintains effective relationships with all stakeholders and gains their trust and respect.

Decision Making / Decisiveness / Judgment –

Assess situations to determine the importance, and potential problems, gather and process relevant information, generate workable solutions and make clear decisions which are timely and in the best interests of the organization and/or those concerned.

Planning & Organizing –

Can marshal resources to get things done; works cooperatively and effectively with others and can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently; arranges information and files in a useful manner.

Goal Orientation –

Is willing and able to set and pursue goals with commitment and to take pride in his/her accomplishment.

Initiative / Independence –

Demonstrates self-control and ability to manage time and priorities; ability to complete tasks independently; takes initiative and acts without waiting for direction; accepts responsibility for actions and results; fosters innovation and creativity; strives for continuous improvement.


*Busy office environment.

*Work hours flexible to meet program and customer needs.

*Employee must have a valid PEI Driver’s License, clean driving abstract, a   reliable vehicle, and a minimum of $1,000,000 PL&PD insurance coverage on the vehicle.

Salary Range: $50,000 to $54,000

Closing Date: September 1st


Myron Yates; Executive Director