Thanks to GreenFoot Energy Solutions, the Dream Cottage has a heat pump!



The Dream Cottage has a heat pump!

We are beyond excited to announce the Dream Cottage has a heat pump and the timing couldn’t be better! On Saturday, July 8th, our new friends at GreenFoot Energy Solutions arrived bright and early to install a brand new heat pump at the Dream Cottage and the timing couldn’t have been better!  The day before, we had to close early because the temperature had soared to 40 degrees.  We can’t thank Nic, Colin and Jason for donating their time to deliver and install it!

It would be hard to overstate how important having a heat pump is.  For the rest of the summer, you can stay cool while you tour the cottage and purchase your tickets.  It will also make working at the Dream Cottage so much more comfortable for our summer students, volunteers and staff.  Even the doggies who come to visit can stay cool.  Although the Dream Cottage is winterized, with a heat pump, our winner will be comfortable no matter when they head to the cottage – whether it is late fall, the middle of winter, Junuary or the middle of a heat wave.

We can’t thank GreenFoot Energy Solution and their staff enough for their support of the Dream Cottage!

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