It Just Takes One: Tales of Mentorship Video Series



We’re celebrating Big Brothers Big Sisters Month with a month-long Mentorship Video Series. Join us on a journey of heart-warming, inspirational & surprising discussions about the power of mentoring.

We asked 27 PEI leaders & influencers 4 questions – tell us about one of your mentors & how they helped you, why does having a mentor matter, what does mentoring mean to you & are you currently mentoring anyone.

We heard so many different perspectives, but the one thing that shines through, is what a difference a mentor makes. Help us celebrate BBBS Month by finding your reason to become a mentor and then sign up to volunteer using our online form.

You could help a child thrive, despite the challenges they face. Become a mentor and the experience is bound to shape you and reward you in Big and valuable ways.  Volunteer today!!

To watch all of the amazing videos, check out the It Just Takes One: Tales of Mentorship page.

Today’s Mentorship Video Series Entries

In honour of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we will be sharing stories throughout the day from three very strong Indigenous women. First, we visit with the very talented storyteller and Poet Laureate of PEI, Julie Pellissier-Lush. For her third and final video she shares with us two beautiful stories about the mentors that have helped shape who she is today.

One of her first mentors was her father, who helped teach her the art of story telling and through his stories he taught her some beautiful life lessons. Her second mentor is her sister Chief Darlene Bernard – she said watching her sister helped her see all her hopes come to light. Watch the video to see Julie’s touching tribute to her father and her sister and how their mentorship helped guide her to spread her wings and fly.

For our second video of the day, we head back up west to visit the very distinguished Chief of Lennox Island – Chief Darlene Bernard. We are so grateful that she took time to discuss the importance of mentoring with us. She has had many different mentors at various stages in her life but there was one mentor that really stands out for her- the late Chief Jack Sark.

Watch to see her beautiful tribute to Chief Sark which includes the different ways he helped mentor and guide her into realizing her talents and to find her ability to be a strong voice for her people, which eventually lead her to become the well respected Chief of Lennox Island that she is today.

As Big Brothers Big Sisters month comes to a close, we’re honoured to have award winning Mi’kmaq visual artist Patricia Bourque back with one more video about mentoring. She says that because everyone has their own journey, your learnings are unique to yourself but it’s very important to share those teachings with others.

Patricia talks about the indigenous youth she worked with her through the summer and talks about some of the special moments that she’s had being a mentor. She also has the realization that she’s mentored more than she thought she has.

When you watch this video, you’ll learn not only about Patricia’s experience as a mentor…but why mentoring matters…and why it’s important to be one.

If you missed any of the amazing videos from the last 4 weeks, you can still watch them all at:

It Just Takes One: Tales of Mentorship videos

We a have a big need for traditional mentors (Big Brothers, Big Sisters & Big Couples) right across Prince Edward Island, especially in the rural areas and as we return to school, we also need In-School Mentors.  If you are inspired to be a mentor, you can volunteer by filling out the on-line form.