This Giving Tuesday, Ask Us Anything!



Mark your calendars! On Giving Tuesday (November 30th), we’ll be answering everything you’ve ever wanted to know about becoming a Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters during our first Ask Us Anything event.

We know that the idea of becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple or In-School Mentor can sometimes feel a little daunting – especially if you feel like you don’t have all the information you need. In our experience, if one person wants to know something, there are a lot more people who want to know the same thing….so let’s make it easy & fun to find out the stuff you want to know!

We will be collecting your questions leading into and on Giving Tuesday and posting answers on all of our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Youtube) & the Event Webpage and we’ll be hosting our very first Facebook Live at 12:15 pm.  Anyone who fills out the form will also receive the information they are looking for in an email.

Remember – there’s no such thing as a stupid question! And your question could earn you a prize….everyone who asks a question will have a chance to win a cool BBBSPEI Swag Prize Pack!

Ask Us Anything this Giving Tuesday


For more information, check out the Giving Tuesday Ask Us Anything Event Webpage

Ask Us Anything Questions Wanted Sign